UK ISA moving to iWeb, couple of questions

Hi guys, I'm a new member here and this is my first post, please be gentle with me ;)

This could be a question applicable to UK due to the specific tax question/s

Since 2010, I've played the various Fantasy Trader apps and platforms, and had very good results on investments over several years apiece. I'm happy enough to carefully choose and maintain the portfolio itself, what I'm less clear on is some of the specifics re the setup, and operation of a 'real' trading account

so.... due to me being a higher rate tax payer, I've learnt that there are some advantages to having a stocks and Shares ISA, so recently I opened up a Cash ISA with Santander, and paid in at the end of one year, and the start of the next, I now have £40K, which can hopefully, eventually, end up in shares.... I want to dip a toe first ;)

my first worry is doing something wrong at the point of paying across the money into iWeb.

perhaps you could help me by answering the following questions, and/or confirming my assumptions :

1, having opened up the iWeb account, I simply follow the process to fund the account by any amount up to the total balance of the ISA account, so long as it's obviously been paid directly from that ISA account, and there's nothing I can do wrong in that initial process to cause me to be liable for tax on profits of the shares account in the future ?

2, hopefully, sometime down the line, there will be my original funding amount in my share dealing account, together with some profit earned on those shares, what is the process, I decide to sell some shares where they've increased in value, those funds appear back in my share dealing account, and they can then be paid out to any account including my regular current account ? (did I read somewhere that theres an incorrect way of selling shares, such that you could be liable for tax, losing the benefit of that ISA ?)

please forgive me for asking what I'm sure are basic questions, but having read and watched loads of youtube videos, some of these simple specifics aren't easy to find answers to. I somehow thing it would be nice to get things set up, and tentatively make a start, in a small way, I'm sure I'll learn along the way

many Thanks for reading this, hoping you can help me with a. little advice

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