Transaction happen on my DMAT account without my knowledge.

Hi All,

I have DMAT account from Share Khan since 1 and Half year, earlier for few month Agent use to call and take confirmation for buying and selling. after some months he said he took Sharekhan Franches and ask to transfer my account to his branch.
i have done so. I have kept 1 lakh and 15 thousand in my account. Since last 4 months i have not get any call for any trading and i assume that i have my money in account,, Today when i like to withdraw some amount so i reached him.

He informed that he done the transactions and all one lakh and 15 thousand rupees got loss and now there is no money in my account.

I am surprise how to do transactions without my knowledge. when i ask him, he says sorry.. i have not informed you. now cann't get money back.

I am sad and worried, how to tell in home and how to approach in this case this is totally cheated, he gambled with my money without my intimation.

Is he rights to buy and sell without my intimation/confirmation, if no then how to i approach to get my money back. please guide.


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Sorry to hear that...

Make a formal complaint. There were similar thread like this in the past. Browse for that and see what kinda suggestion was given...
I have go through some of the past cases, it mentioned they have complain to higher authorities and SEBI but nothing is happen.

This is a my all shaving and big amount for me,, Any guidance so that i can approach in correct way to get my money back.

Please Guide.
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Make a formal complaint...

If you think it's not gonna work, do what you think will work...

Go to your sub broker's office/to his house along with your friends...
Ask for your money...
If he is not giving or saying he doesn't have a penny to give, take his computer, television and whatever he has in his office...
Hi Dears,

cant involve or do like the above things....

is anyone know how to approach for complaint or legal proceeding to get the money back.

i have mail to senior authority and met the RMO and informed the things. buts things are not closed.

shall i log FIR in this case and is any lawer know who handle such cases.
any higher authority you may know how can take action against them and solve this case quickly.
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Never trust these small guys. Back in 2009 when I enquired with Sharekhan for equity account opening, the relationship manager asked me if I was keen to instead open an account with his sub-brokerage. He was running a parallel sub-brokerage firm. I straight away said no because I did not know him.


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Lodge a complaint with SEBI at the following address giving all possible details like your account number with the broker, name of the broker and the details of irregularities carried out in your account.

PS :- you may be required to register at the site.

All the best.
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Thanks To All,

am getting hope on this comments
Today i am going to log the complain to SEBI as i have not received any updates from Sharekhan.

Thanks to all, i will keep posted so everyone will get update on this.

However if any further things can do here then please share.

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