Trading with Kotak Mahindra


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I had traded with Kotak for sometime but its like a trip to hell for short term trading. If your terminal stops working then god save you, the RMs dont pick the phone easily and even if they do its very difficult to get across message to them
My experience is different I have a dedicated RM and he gave me his cell. I gave him miss call and within seconds he call back from his desk phone and give free advise , trading calls & also you have an option to trade on phone. 3 trades per day are free I guess in my account but I hardly used them.

Sometimes in case of real bad load it stop responding.. but recover quickly.
The day when satyam went to 6 rs then it stopped working till 10:15am in the morning. but I still manage to get my satyam at 7 with before market opening order.

If they can reduce brokerage a bit then its best a day trader can have.

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