Trading using cellphone = which broker is best?

As the topic says I want to know the broker whichi provides buying/selling of shares on the cellphone itself (using Wi-Fi/GPRS etc)

I really dont mind remeber the scrip code as I am dealing in 20 stocks
All I want is that it should be fast and I should be able to view the charts etc
Prefer if its not browser based and I can install some application over my phone
I tried accessing icicidirect Low Bandwidth site on the phone,works fine but very slow....every time it asks to enter the user id and password
Can I make my phone just let me enter the unlock password and then let me trade?

PS: Please do not bash this thread stating that if you are a trader and you cant sit on your PC, trading is not for you. I have seen that many a times I need to go out so really cant get back home to square off the positions or by some stocks
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Thanks but sharekhan doesnt allows mobile trading
All we can do it watch the quotes
I called up sharekhan customer care and verified this
Yes, you can only get marketwatch but not trade.

This is the demo for their sheru mobile:

To trade on mobile, their customer service will contact you. But be warned that waiting time is very long in sharekhan. Though their solve your queries, you have have good amount of patience(5-10 mins at least) to be able. It may not be affordable to wait for so long at the mercy of a customer care rep.

Better get a mini laptop(netbook).

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