Trading The Bars Part 2


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Hello IF,
Some strategy given here by Savant Sir. So pls check first that, which is given in first part of this thread.
In this thread u can find one of that strategy' link which is based on 1H tf. at page 8.
Try that then u can understand how can scalp on M5 TF.



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Dear SavantGarde,

Wishing you all a very happy and a prosperous new year. May the Lord bless you and grow you this year.

I had lost the id pass of Traderji, tried few times and then gave up. Somehow with few combinations and permutations I got in today.

I was curious if you can open our Thread the Strategies Systems and Indicators, for some reason the thread is closed.

Thanks in Advance.

Edward G


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which broker are you using? also is this a demo because in a live a/c I doubt the broker will let you scalp the bid/ask spread ..... most likely they will delay the quotes ..... not sure though just asking
This is demo acoount of GCI. All trades here I've posted has executed through pending order.
Well, I don't know that in live a/c, this type of order executed or not. But, my purpose is recentrly only get 10 to 15 points in crude without putting SL.