Trading Terminal Disconnection

Trading Terminal Disconnection

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There are lot concerns that are being voiced by forum members that trading terminal gets disconnected when ever markets are supposed to make uni directional move.

What so ever may be the reason - Technical or intentional manipulation - it should not happen in the future.

Or whats the remedy in place when such incidences happen ?

Already there is a thread but the thread didn't have a poll.So thought of having one.

Typically this kind of disconnection before fast move and subsequent reconnection happening is experienced by many traders in our forum.

But don't know if they are the only ones who experience the problem or keep thinking that the problem with their internet connection/Virus problems/System etc.

Zerodha's typical reply is every thing is perfect from our side - check your internet connection.

Today RKSV's reply is the server is located with Omnesys and maintained by the same.

And many trading with composite edge/Symphony faced the problem this month.

So this issue is only with NEST Trader ?
or all brokers using Nest Trader have their Servers located at Omnesys ?

Not all brokers - don't have this infrastructure ?
So whats the recommended infrastructure ? - who recommends the infrastructure and who checks if brokers have fulfilled adequate infrastructure NSE/Omnesys ?


Does this mean we have to complaint to NSE/SEBI to check if brokers have adequate infrastructure ? or the SW is perfect to be used by the people - Who will check this ?

If a trade goes in loss because of this issue ? - what's the legal remedy for the retail people ? - has to complaint to consumer protection council or sue the broker/Omnesys/NSE ?

Now this disconnection is intentionally done by brokers who disconnects and then takes position against their clients ?

Or The disconnection is due to a problem with Nest Trader software ?
Or the Problem is due to inadequate server - inspite of the no of clients the broker have ?

Or the problem is experienced with ODIN/Trade tiger or other softwares also ?

Brokers are creating new/new softwares but
who certifies the RELIABILITY of the trading Terminal/Softwares ? - we need not care if it is in alpha/beta or gama testing stages.

- But we traders should not be used as lab rats to test the softwares.

Please participate in the poll and let know your feedback/concerns.
It will help us all to have a clear understanding.
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Dear jagan,
Thanks to starting this thread...yes its very dangerous situation for intra traders....I myself seen this problem many times since ZT started and made loss too few times ...I many times enquired about this problem to zerodha through email & in threads...what I still wonder that they never given clear cut reply to this ...they always given problem is our side as our net is the reason...:D
If the net is the problem its okey...but I also observed recently and started to mark in my charts when this problem occurs ...I totally upset when I analyse it everyday...its happen @ main our exit points ...if we not put pre fixed exit order we never get a chance to exit those areas @ market!!!!its exact that point stucks then when it starts allready seen minimum 10+ points down from that area.....though I not use too fast net provider ...but other terminals works okey with my net...
Recently I open NOW terminal of my friend a/c for testing purpose ...its clear that when ZT hangs that time NOW working fine.....
SO feedback of other ZT users are important here who use fast internet and these problems they also see on their terminal......
These are my personal experience..
If its any manupilation by broker/omini then its serious crime...:(


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Dear Jagan,
You add one more problem which is most in ZT ...stuck price updationafter few seconds its starts with fast ...its not disconnect problem....I mostly see this problem which I narrated in my abv post....


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Dear Jagan,
You add one more problem which is most in ZT ...stuck price updationafter few seconds its starts with fast ...its not disconnect problem....I mostly see this problem which I narrated in my abv post....
Yes not disconnection - but price updation doesn't happen.

And manually we need to double click and then the application refreshes fastly
or some times no reaction and takes its own sweet time :mad:


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problem faced in ZT/nest trader :

1) rate refreshment problem , rate do not refresh so have to press refresh broadcast , then again after sometime rates stop.
2) manytimes only the scrip whose snap quote window is open , only that scrip rates moves other scrip just dont move
3) user disconnected message many times

the above same problems in NOW but not as frequently as ZT , here I have to press reconcile button often :(


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Till few days back i was using ZT and had issues like quotes getting stuck then running at super speed, frequent disconnections. Zerodha support told me that issue was with my ISP, i have shifted to NOW and had just 1 incidence of quotes getting stuck since last 3 days, so issue was with ZT and not my ISP.
But dunno what they are going to do about it, my suggestion would be to move to different platform.


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Some quantitative approaches to find whats happening (I am not an expert and I don't know whats happening):

1 - Someone (Dax Devil?? TracerBullet?? don't remember) recently posted in TJ that latency is the problem causing disconnections and not download speed. Try any latency checker and see. Search for "DPC Latency Checker". Download it, run it the whole trading day and post the latency checker screen at eod.

2 - Use "tracert" command from dos window and compare results with others who do not have problems.

3 - Use "ping" command from dos window and compare results with others who do not have problems.

4 - Post ISP name, data plan, download speed, upload speed. edit: step 4 is ideally done after a fresh reboot with no other program running.

5 - Post all other program names running during trading time (even if those programs are not downloading/uploading anything). For e.g. some torrent apps choke bandwidth even with zero download speed. It is VERY important to mention if any kind of torrent/p2p app is open (even with 0 speed)

6 - People who play online video games are sensitive to disconnections. I never played any such games. Get hold of some experts in that area. They can suggest/check a few numbers with their knowledge.

Again, I am not an expert and I don't know whats happening. These are just some quantitative approaches.
Remember to test all these things DURING trading time.
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I have had this issue with RKSV. Thought the issue was with broker and shifted to Zerodha. Zerodha terminal worked fine for some days and now have started experiencing the same disturbing signs. There is something sinister here.

Today the issue seems to have upgraded. Immediately after I placed a cover order, the terminal hung. After waiting for a long time, I shut the terminal and tried relogging. Amazingly, I was just not allowed into the terminal>Os error unable to login<. After failing multiple times to login, I reinstalled the nest trader after downloading the sw. Still no entry. Frustrated, I tried logging onto zerodha web browser. Believe me or not, I was not allowed to login here to. Multiple attempts, same results. Meanwhile, the market innocently touched my CO SL. (CE 8400 @ 153.45) and from there came down, never to touch that high.

Something is really fishy here, friends.... I have had one more amazing(fishy) experience on an earlier expiry day when I was with RKSV. If I narrate that in my next post, you will understand what I have understood... But do we have recourse.... small fishes against
gigantic sharks...