Trading strategy

Hi there am struggling to trade for over 12 years now is there any day trading method which works at any given point of time ? As am totally passionate about trading but keep loosing badly , would appreciate if someone can please post om this thread as it will really help struggling traders like me who really want to successfully trade and make a living,

Please kindly do post any traderji trading post or links of any working strategy guys. Thank you so much please help am writing this with a lot of losses and sorrows so please do understand those who are successful at trading, aboout those who are constantly loosing like me. As on a trader understand another trader .
12 years is too long a time for any trader to keep trying and losing in the market.There are many strategies in the forum and you can pickup any strategy, do rigorous backtesting, see if the timeframe suits your mindset. Be realistic...80% and 90 % success rate strategies are myths.A good strategy will give you 50-60 % success rate and can be very profitable if you keep your losses small and profits run.Stay away from stories like "can a crore be made from Rs 10,000 capital in 6 month?"

Continuous profits month after month is achieved by many traders ( though that number is not too large) .They have a competent strategy,good money management and discipline to execute trades on that strategy.They accept losing trades as part of trading process and control their risks.


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