Trading strategies

Hi guys, complete rookie here. I have started trading only recently. Have tried out some strategies namely

Heikin Aishi, Stochastic
9-18 EMA crossover along with MACD

Any recomended tried and tested strategy for Swing trading?

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Very good! But how do we define the trending market?
Well, it is the most common question and I have my own answer. I used to take positional trades in Silver. In Silver, I got more time to analyze script as compare to Nse scripts. Moreover, I am not afraid of longs hours of trading. Actually it is not trading it is a keep on watching like a thing.

Following are the situations in trending market:-

1) When I end up with a profit of 500 points, 1000 points, 1500 points or even more!

Following are the situation in Sideways market:-

1) When I end up with a Loss of 50 points, 100 points in worst case loss of 300 points.
2) When I end up with small profits like 50 points and100 points.
3) Continues 4 or more losing trades.

This is my experience which I felt daily. To know the trend in advance is still a dream only.

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