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Hey guys,

I have searched the thread for Stock Options but couldn't find any. SO i thought of starting a new thread. I will post what stocks Options i am trading and try to explain as to why i have the positions. I am very new to stock Options and will be grateful if the senior pros chip in with advises or even some recommendations.

Will every one all the best. :thumb:



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Currently i have 2 stock Options Open.

I have a CALL APR 1120 for Reliance and i also have a Unitech Apr CALL 75.

Reliance Industries has been showing considerable strength and seems to have good support at 1075. I have seen the charts and 1075 seems to be holding quite well. I have a target of 1145 for the month of April on this stock.

I am also long on Unitech. It is wandering in a narrow range between 71-74 and i think that the area around 70 is providing considerable support for this stock.
I have a target of 90+ for this stock for the month of April.

All the above assumptions are my understandings of these stocks but i am be totally wrong. Please let me know what u guys think. All opinions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks and Happy trading :)


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Better keep an track of the performance... if you like I can make you an editor of the sheet as well so that you can share there as well..
Yeah that would be great ... if u can help me with that :)



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Bhail log kuch aage badhe?
Hey Sorry bro.... Down with fever for the last 5days :annoyed:

anyways ..... will post the stuff soon :)

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