Trading Plans.....Open to All


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Sold NiftyFutures @ 8647,SL @ 8678, Target @ 8558
Sold BankNiftyFutures @ 19240,SL @ 19477,Target @ 19060

Trades Planned for 30th Aug 2016:thumb:

NiftyFutures: Fresh Buying above 8678
BankNiftyFutures: Fresh Buying above 1947
Bought NiftyFutures @ 8679,SL @ 8732 ,Target @ 8820
Bought BankniftyFutures 19478 @,SL @ 19460,Target @ 19839

Trade Plans for 31st Aug 2016:thumb:

NiftyFutures:Fresh Selling below 8732
BankNiftyFutures:Fresh Selling below 19460


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Closed Positions in
NiftyFutures at 8820 (bought @ 8679
)--Net Profits of 141 Points Per Lot
BankniftyFutures at 19839 ( bought @ 19478 )---Net Points of 361 Points/Lot

Trade Plans for 1st Sept 2016:thumb:

NiftyFutures:Fresh Selling below 8774
BankNiftyFutures:Fresh Selling below 19673


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Can you please let us know .how did you calculate such levels like buy nift @ etc .......
Little complex to explain the methodology
But the basic principle behind is 3rd Gann angle Resistance or support from recent high/Low made. In addition i use Pivot point resistance and suport to confirm the trend.Then again on confirming the trend,Best of weekly Fibbonacci Retracement and extension is used as Trend Reversal/Stoploss.
Target is basically the 6th Gann Angle point from High/Low.


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Trade Plans for 9th Sept 2016:thumb:

NiftyFutures:Fresh Selling below 8919
BankNiftyFutures:Fresh Selling below 20303
Now I regret in the Closing Trade of Nifty and BankNiftyFutures(Lost Potential profit of +100 Points in Nifty and nearly +500 Points in BNF
Now realised that Trailing Stoploss is more profitable if VIX is low
Only Profit Booking at predefined Targets in case VIX is above 17 or so

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