Trading on Saturday

Hi, I am new to stock trading.
I logged in to my online trading terminal on Saturday( 14-September-2013) to check my available margin. But found the stocks in my live watch list with changing values. So, thought of placing a 'sell' order for SBI shares which I was holding. But now the order is fully executed and I could see the SBI shares being deducted from my holdings!
I am worried if it is not allowed to trade on Saturday as it is not a trading day and what could happen for the stocks being deducted from my account.
I wonder if it is just a mock trading happening or is it REAL!

Kindly someone help me to understand what would have happened.
Also kindly suggest me any measures which I can take if something wrong has happened.

I am holding account in IIFl and using their online trading terminal.

Thank you



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