Trading Nifty Futures intraday with Gann calculator


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Hi All,

Many people in TJ started TRading futures with gann calculator...Here is one more attempt to reignite the Gann's methodology. SO coming to rules,Simple guys , you just have to follow the steps:

1.Take LTP(Last Traded Price) or VWAP (WEighted moving average) at 9.30 in the morning
2.Search for ""..
3.Enter the LTP price in the gann calculator and you will get buy sell levels

Buy at / above: 5643.76 Targets: 5659.73 - 5678.54 - 5697.39 - 5716.28
Stoploss : 5625
Sell at / below: 5625 Targets: 5609.06 - 5590.35 - 5571.67 - 5553.02
Stoploss : 5643.76

Once the first target is achieved move the SL to buy price, similarly once second target is achieved move the SL to first target...

It sounds simple...Lets see...

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