Trading Nifty by Levels

Thank you Khushi for this nice thread ( I am too late though). Request of you can share the SW at dinesh underscore 251 at rediff. Will appreciate a lot and thanks in advance.


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I have gone through this thread..its superb..
is anybody in forum still trading on this method..please share it
could u please send me software,excel sheets & other related stuff sent by khushiji to me?
if anybody have this stuff,please share me..i will send u my email id on pm..
Dear khushiji i saw yr superb post 2dy.and going by the number of people thanking u i feel yr method must really b it possible 4 me 2 b lucky enough 2 gt benefit of yr intelligent and reliable method? Cn u post me the links or sw or wt ev er u deem fit 2 help me make money in nifty trading. do u post yr Nifty levels in any website? if not dn pls i request u 2 make website of yr own and let ppl access it .yr site wl hv ever increasing more n more hitsmore i wl b higfhly obliged iuf u cn daily guide me reg Nifty levels at pma _109 a t rediffmaildotcom god bless u and keep u and yr family hale healthy and happy thnx in advance mr. Prem
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