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Here I M Inviting All The Members To Discuss Their Day Trading Methods And Share Their Experience About That Method.
Here I M Sharing My Method For Day Trading.
I Watch The Market For 20/30 Miniutes To Study The Trend. If Its +ve Then I Search The Share Which Has Given Atleast 2% Movement With Good Volume. If I Want To Buy 50 Shares, Instead Of Buying The Whole Lot, I Buy 5/10 Shares With 1% Stoploss. I Watch The Movement For Time Being. If It Moves Up Further @ 1/1.5 Rs.
Then Only I Buy Remaining Lot Not Forgetting To Put The Stoploss. If It(5 Shres Lot) Moves Down Ward , And Hit The Stoploss Then I May Give Up That Stock Or Shortsale It.
With This Method I M Achieving [email protected] 60% Proffit Result.
Pl. Comment.


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Good trading apart, good initiative. It is heartening to see "junior members" share their strategies. I attempted day trading for 2-3 months but discovered that I could not make profits consistently in something like this. So while doing nifty futures, I don't make any demarcations of day, swing position. It could be anything depending upon the situation. I look at the daily trend and look for contratrends in the 30min chart with a combo of RSI, stochs and 20MA and mkt breadth. The parameters change for larger trends. Its premature to talk about success rates.

I presume you do one share at a time but looking at your and Tachy's post one feels tempted to try again. Day trading is like allopathic medicine where one has to be vary of side effects. So much is written against day trading that there is always a psychological bias against it and such posts are a sight for sore eyes for want of a better expression
I am more of a positional trader than day trader.
I find stocks that are bound to appreciate on a short period of time.
I keep on buying as the price comes down.
something like dollar cost averaging.
if i do get decent returns on the same day i exit the trade for the day.
otherwise i will wait for he target that i have in mind to exit the positional trade.
Dear Traders,
Found avery good trading system. See if you can use it profitably. This is called 123 system. You can download it from www.vyomebooks .com
can any one tell me of any freeware technical analysis softwares available on any websites many talk of metastock but its very costly
If one can spot the shares that rise more than 20 rupees in a single day trading, it is very profitable. Generally I follow the thumbrule of two days: if a share is moving fast up that will be for two days and after that it will show decline. Although after two days also some shares do not decline but the rise is not as substantial as the first two days. Anybody who has spotted the same or different pattern in the day trading can comment.

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