Trading Method.


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I Hear Lot About Cash Management, Observing Disciplene Trading Rules Etc,but Nobody Explains About The Methods They Adopt While
Trading. I Want To Hear From People Who Are Adopting Time Tested
Methods Along With Other Things Like Management Etc.


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i ve tried trading method which is 90% effecient and safe. there is no stoploss, so u dont have to loose anything. only returns r small, but one should get consistent returns and one should require some patience with some funds.
i have been trying this method for last 1.5 years.

Dear hmp

You are requested to please share you trading method and
experience for benefit all members.Other members are also requested to
share their experience, charting software used by them and useful
tools for day trading as well as position trading.
Dear All,

Just yesterday I was thinking about the same subject when I read Creditviolet's post on 38 steps of trading. I sincerely believe that success rate of newbies like me can be improved by seniors sharing their knowledge with us. Its not possible for everyone to work in a trading house and the forum is a great way of alleviating the handicap.

Agreed, some of us will look for the short cut and try to use the strategies without doing their homework, but as someone has rightly said in one of the threads that your trading strategy should suit your personality because this is not an exact science.

What I suggest is people share their experiences instead of (or along with) their trading methods. Pick any (or couple) of their trades in a day and tell us how they actually went about doing that trade. What was going on in their minds when they did that trade. Try to write down their thoughts. What trend indicators? What oscillators? What fundamentals? How did the sensex movement affect their trading decision? TA charts and so on....

Secondly. donot group it all in a single thread. Lets have a thread for each company. For eg. if you want to share your trading experience of buying ZEE then start a thread which says "Trading Experience - Zee Tele" and then if any other member wants to share an experience of trading zee, he would reply in the same thread (use search functionality of the forum) or traderji can have a different title head for this in the main page. This way, I hope we would have company wise analysis from various people over a period of time.

Suggestions/Criticism most welcome.

My two cents!


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thanks nihar for your response. u have suggested exactly as what it was in my mind. now it it is upto all the senior members to come forward and share their experience about how they approach to intraday trading


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some people do trading by taking delivery. instead of keeping stoploss they prefer to have delivery and wait.
i request members who adopt such strategy to come forward and explain how effeciently one can use this method.

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