Trading in urad, gold and silver

Yes Urad has gone all the way up to 2800 , Technically as u say it should come down like nine pins as most of the research repots are forecasting. But there are some facts that you have to look into .

1 The stock at NCDEX is 6000 MT odd , few weeks ago it was abt 11000 MT
2 The next inward shipment is expected only in Feb 2006 .

you do the math , physical stocks down and falling & no imports till feb = ??????

Advice would be to take all caution as it might go both ways .

Please give ur comments too
Yes..I tend to agree with Sona_mcx on urad. But since it had gone up so much so fast, it starts getting increasignly risky to enter at high levels.

There are other commodities which deserve a little more attention as well. what comes to my mind are Ref Soyoil, Castorseed, mustard seed and sugar. Keep a watch on these.
Its very nice to see more threads coming up in commodities. The discussions here really help a lot. I think we are a great team and can learn a lot from each other. It feels like family now. I thank NCDX for his great support without whom we all would not visit this website not more than thrice.

I have reports on Sugar and Gur , both would fall a little towards december as the fresh crop arrives in november and seems to be very good this time. As per my study Gur can fall below 400 but we have to wait for december.

Gold feb is an excellant shot but always exit and re enter every 100 rupee gain , it gives you a strange confidence.

Crude as per the reports i have recieved is expected to hit 65$ again but i am not very sure on this

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