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Hi there am struggling to trade for over 12 years now is there any day trading method which works at any given point of time ? As am totally passionate about trading but keep loosing badly , would appreciate if someone can please post om this thread as it will really help struggling traders like me who really want to successfully trade and make a living,

Please kindly do post any traderji trading post or links of any working strategy guys. Thank you so much please help am writing this with a lot of losses and sorrows so please do understand those who are successful at trading, aboout those who are constantly loosing like me. As on a trader understand another trader .


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It's sad to learn that it has been 12 years.. Is it due to trading strategy or trading psychology & discipline? Have you analysed that?

Pradeep Narayan

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To trade successfully you need to have the right mindset. The strategies and money management play only a small role.
I used to try many strategies both chart and formula based to achieve the edge required in trading, but the real edge only came when I thought like a trader.

To start off, can you tell me why I marked the top of the band as a SL level & why only a short trade was planned?


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since 12 years day trading not worked for best is to quit it
Be a swing trader .
trade in nifty buy it when nifty goes like 3-4-7% down crazy then forget for 6 months
profit will come running to you


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Even blindly following 200 period moving average is profitable. Only we need to tweak for side way moves
Pls elaborate, it may give us new perspective


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I am successfully using only 200 and 300 sma for trade. Entry and exit based on whether candles are above or below both. But to avoid whipsaw requires study of breakouts. I do not want to elaborate further now.


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please read the thread "The best trading system" by Tuna in the forum 'Words of Wisdom.' The participants have given a very simple system for using moving averages.
Thanks will take a look

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