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Look at carefully .... both are different expiry contracts...
You are exactly correct. When scrips are added to market watch ,unless otherwise you change EXPIRY dates ,scrips of same expiry are added.That is why I have not paid any attention.
Volumes and Open Interest in those instruments were unusually very low ,but I did not pay any attention.
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Funny movement.
Look at the Prices of 30300CE and 30600CE.
Generally 30600CE should be cheaper than 30300CE.(30200>30300>30400>30500>30600). On contrary 30300ce is cheaper than 30600CE. Any explanation please. change.... Price
Didn't notice its already discussed
today is the results.. so if it is result play then ok.. else wait till tomorrow.
I really didn't know abt the results until the prices started moving extremely fast and then on searching I got to know abt the results...
Anyway i suffered a loss of 450 RS. I felt happy that I reduced some of the loss by some adjustments.
Was my first trade according to method discussed in this thread.

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