trading data to excel worksheet software


Glad to know you know programming. My first program was written in 1984 (was a school kid then) and last one was written yesterday :). Never done anything else in my life to earn substantial money (except trading since last 3 years)

You misunderstood me. I never said that my excel scanner was working for one scrip only. I said it took approx 1 sec for 1 scrip. Its fast from human perspective but horribly slow from a computer's potential.

Nevertheless, I got it fully working and it was pulling entire option chains for for 125+ scrips and Indices until NSE policy blocked my access. Apparently NSE does not mind small volume, but my excel app crossed the threshold and got blocked.

Casual use is not stopped but if you attempt to get lots of data thru that route, NSE blocks you.

Fortunately for me, the NSE staff who I spoke to guided me to a better data feed.

I ended up writing another app which is 100% legit and it gets approx 4 ticks per scrip per second using which I've handled 150+ scrips in that and average processing time now is in 60 microseconds.

I did attempt to PM you details but your account is blocked. Kindly PM me your email so I can explain. Our ultimate objective is common ....
Hi ,
I wanted your help / guidance with a similar scraping and was wondering how to contact you.


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