Trading Challenge : My journey from 1.5Lakh to 6Lakh in 5months


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Good going
Wish you all the best.
BTW, you will post your trades in real time or after market. But it wont make any sense, if you post your trades, after market time.
Yes, wont visit the website in real market, as my only goal is to focus on my challenge. So i will give entire updates of the day after market with charts and contract notes/backoffice generated file.
2% daily profit will attain your goal but daily 2% profit without loss is not possible
In intraday it be very hard to achieve that goal
Leverage will kill u be sure to check that and time limit of 3:15 is bitch

Bhai 5 L in intraday is not realistic goal .You are timing market no one can time market .

have a goal of 1% daily and 1% stop loss daily u be happy to see results in 30 days ^^lol
Hard part be loss cutting where most ppl fail
Moral of story :== Do not trade intraday

Maybe realistic, maybe not. The thing is is it doable ?? Yes, it is. Maybe not doable for everyone, but yes, doable. Here on TJ we have many threads like "Double your money in 40 trades" or similar. Recently our member imfine has shown 300% profit in 52 sessions. Me, I had 22k in my Zerodha account on 1st Nov, today I have 15K, and have withdrawn 50K since 1st Nov. And I am a bad trader with heavy drawdowns.

Is it doable with 1.5 lakhs ??

Let's see. 6 months is about 100 sessions. 4 lakhs is 10000 pts BNF. So, it comes to about 100 points BNF per session. Is it doable using 1 lot ? Probably not. Is it doable using 4 lots ?? Yes, I would think so.

Member imfine has shown it done with EQ, as this member intends to.

He has clearly defined his risk management, so let's all wish him good luck and watch his journey with interest.
All the best on your goal.Definitely doable.However do not put pressure yourself by putting the target.
The only thing we can control is how much we can lose.Profits are decided the market.Keep sharing your trades.Some of us can learn and some us can provide ideas on where you can improve.


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Looking forward to it Sir Ji. :wideyed:

If you share some pointers- how you going to do it,how much leverage,any method,some charts..
then Poor-BPL-Struggling Traders like me will be helpful to you. :erm:
you meant to say ...

will be helpful to me ?
Main thing is psychology in one week 3 losing day and u start doubting ur statergy? I hope u check the maximum drawdown on ur statergy if not do it first then start.

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@ SwagatN

Bhai, it is sure that it is not doable with 1x with cash stocks intraday trading.
So, how much leverage you will be using, on an average.
My trade leverage are not fixed for every trades. Position sizing is calculated with % risk based on total trading capital. For me it is max 1%. But as I have mentioned before in case of some situation i will reduce the risk%, but the maximum trade risk is 1%. If I take only these high risk trades in to account, then on an average my exposure comes around 4x to 6x of my trading capital.

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