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I care to learn about formula language how long does it take some one with great understanding of technical analysis to put his ideas in to formulas. I am considering tradstation easy language, TC2000 pcf, and meatstock formulas. What are the resources videos, books or any other learning materials that can help me to short my learning curve Thanks for your reply in advance. ;)

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For MetaStock you can download Equis Metastock Formula Primer (1.6 MB PDF File). This is a 144 page explanation of formula language with practice exercises.

For learning TradeStation EasyLanguage you can download out the following EasyLanguage books:

Getting Started With TradeStation EasyLanguage
Here's the book you need if you're thinking about using EasyLanguage but don't know where to start. With a user-friendly writing style, the book assumes no prior programming experience, but credits the reader with the ability to apply logical thinking to the processing of trading concepts.

EasyLanguage Reference Guide
Unlike its "Getting Started" companion, this book could easily be named "Everything you wanted to know about EasyLanguage but were afraid to ask." The first part of the book covers basic elements of EasyLanguage while the second part provides descriptions of the purpose and syntax options for each type of statement.

Getting Started with RadarScreen
This all-new book provides examples of how RadarScreen may be used by a variety of traders, each with a different approach to market analysis and trading. Integrating RadarScreen and TradeStation, analytical styles including top-down, pairs, and multi-interval are highlighted to demonstrate the power and flexibility of RadarScreen. This book is complete with screen pictures taken directly from RadarScreen and TradeStation, bringing the concepts into focus and making it easy for you to learn how to set up your RadarScreen windows to your own specifications.
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I am new to trading & my broker informed me that he uses metastock to program buy/ sell trigger, some programming language.

Could you confirm & guide me to this link.


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