Traderji - please guide me - how to daytrade in scrip just listed.

Hi Traderji,

I have posted this question in 'equities' section, however did not receive any suggestion.

I have a question, please guide me.

Once IPO is listed, WHEN and HOW can I day trade in it? Please explain me giving some example.

If IPO closes today when will it be listed and when can I DAY TRADE it online.



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I would personally not recommend you to day trade on the day the stock gets listed. I would suggest you to wait for a few days before daytrading that stock.

IPO's are normally listed after 2 weeks of the completion of the allotment process.

For day trading strategies please read the various forums here.


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Hello Traderji,

May I know what is the harm in daytrading right on the first day?
Actually the prices will fluctuate largely, which will be ideal for day traders.
Then how does it harm? (Eg. SunTV shares)


In a lighter vein, duplicate copies can be regretted, but not duplicate money :D

I dont know how much experienced you are in Day Trading, but looking at your post you look relatively new to DT.

coming to point, you can trade the same day of the Listing, provided it is not in TT segement (recently 1 IPO was put on TT segement on the day of listing).

If greed is the factor, then stay away from DT, Enjoy Swing Trading, Short-Term and Long Term Trading.

Markets provide various oppurtunities, doesnt mean that we need to try all of them. Pick the best (by best, i meant safe or safest) methods which suit your (our) style and act on it.

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Hello bvpraveen,
I think Traderji doesn't need to answer ur Qs.----He being a friend of friends has given the correct guidelines for a newcommer---Ya u do have a right to know whats the harm is on daytrading on a scrip which is listed on the 1st day---The scrip remains so volatile that it becomes a really losing trade(in most cases) unless u r a pro or have the virtues of luck---And those who r a pro---will never have put forward such a silly the very first place---


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Thanks for your comments.

I'm not involved in day trading. As I've said manytimes I'm just a learner. I thought of posting my doubts which arise as I learn new concepts.


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Dear Joy,
Are you not a little harsh in answering?Saying No as Yes is a virtue to be learnt & practised in life to be successful ,unless the opposite party is wantedly adamant.said easily than practised.
all the best,
Hello bypraveen and ranga,
I m truely sorry---I reacted in that way---actually it appeared to me---as if Praveen was challenging Traderjis comments ---may be I misread his Qs.
Ranga,Thanks to u ---for reminding that it does take a lot of pain to be polite----in a gracious manner---

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