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Hi All,
As we can see a handsome and knowledgeable base of traderji members in Bangalore let's raise hands to be part of Bangalore Group. :thumb:
If we get 10 or more members here, we can arrange for monthly meetings to share knowledge and experience acquired from this wonderful forum. :clap:
So Bangalore junta, if interested then copy the following format and input your details in place of mine used as sample:-

Main Profession : Banking related Consultancy
Trading experience : 20 months
Primary Trades in : Intra-day equity only
Believer of : News, RSI , BB
Would like to discuss : Technical Analysis and VSA

Please feel free to add fields.
With Regards,
BJ, some days back I think, findvikas also initiated similar thread for TJ members in Bangalore (atleast 6 to 8 months back) . Plz chk that as well, maybe u can find more traders around you.
Thanks for blessing this thread with the first post Sir. :)
I searched for all the threads started by findvikas (Bull, bears, lion bhai :p) but couldn't find anything on Bangalore group, still will try to invite him if he's from Bangalore.
Gulshan Bro. welcome !

hi friends

i am from SHIMOGA, can i join this group.

Yeah Sure, anytime. Though in return we will ask you restart Shimoga-Talguppa train. ;)

Others, I understand there are many enthusiastic and experienced traderji members from Bangalore, please come forward so that we can meet in February and add reality to this net coordination of ours. :clap:



Well-Known Member
Thanks for blessing this thread with the first post Sir. :)
BJ, plz use such big words for me. Yaar.. I am just one more trader among you all. (Just have few extra grey hairs and that's all).

I am not in bangalore now..but certainly will join u guys sometime in future.

Hope this time your meeting really takes place.

Come on guys, Bangloare has competition with Hyderabad here. They are also planning a meeting. Lets see who wins here..

Happy Trading
Also in if you'll have me.:)

Main Profession : IC Design
Trading experience : 6 years
Primary Trades in : Positional trades, Equity and recently FO.
Believer of : Technical Analysis, Stochastics and RSI.
Would like to discuss : Technical Analysis.
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