trader workstation 4 client id already exists in TWS

Hello there
I have this problem with the trader workstation platform.

Every time I launch, in debuggin mode, a client application which connects to TWS succesfully, the next thing happens: If I stop abruptly the debugging mode, then next time the client application tries to connect to TWS with the same id, the connection is rejected. I understand this point because that means that according to TWS there is still client application connected with that ID. Now my question is:

If there is a way, how can I get this client id unattached? I would like to tell TWS to do so from the relaunched client application, for example, through a sentece right before the typical eConnect sentence that connect to TWS?
Moreover, how can I see those clients which opened a connection in TWS and close one of those connections but this time from TWS?

Thanks in advance
Its better to contact customer care. No problem at all. They will fix it.
Can you share some info about Intractive broker with me.
Because I am using IB / trying in demo mode till date.
So Can you share your exp and Their fees (Brokerage).

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