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Though many members may be knowing this trading platform, some may be even using it,I thought to post it to forum.

Tradeanywhere.exe is a trading platform devloped by best thing that I found in this trading platform is that it has best features of both PIB of indiabulls ,TT of 5paisa and ODIN.

Whats more it has historical charts alongwith intraday charting facility, fundamental database of various companies and lots more.

The rate screen is same that of PIB and new platform of sharekhan.

90% of brokers who are providing online trading facility to their clinets are providing this platform to their clinets so its easily avaible with low profile brokers like as well as high profile broker like

BTW, I have jsut seen the demo of the above platform.Anybody using it please throw light on it.A person already using it must be in a better position to tell its advante and disadvantge.



Many brokers offer tradeanywhere. To find out whether they are same just download the software and install it. Say cancel on password window and just under help menu press about option. You should see ASIAN Cerc information screen with MPunplugged written. This screen remains same for all asian cerc tradeanywhere products no matter who ever is the broker.
i am using tradeanywhere . my broker is "emkay". using it is like hell.
when your are buying , you have to select first intraday or delivery.
. in intraday you will be squareoff at 3.15 p.m. if you select delivery while buying and want to do intraday then you have to modify that order.
you will not get any credit if you select delivary while buying.
you cannot sell half the share. e.g if you buy 100 then you cannot keep 50 and sell of others 50 on same daY.
worst problem is with the share you have in your demat account.
you can only sell by selecting delivery. once order is traded it cannot modify.
e.g if you sell your delivery shares in morning and buy same no of share in afternoon. it will not consider it as intraday trading.
you delivery share will be gone and the new share you bought will show in your demat after 3 days.

trade anywhere is hell for intraday trading.
it only useful if you are doing delivery base trading. (but you does not get any credit to buy - its biggest drawback. while other brokerage give week time to pay for the delivery stocks.
according to me odin diet is good for fast trader and for tech. analysis tradeanywhere is best
onther best software for fasttrader is NeatXS or flexterm from NSEiT itself but very few brokers have deployed this platform
Apart from these things,please update us about their speed,service,charting etc.
are there any disconnection problems?
If u wish, u can put your feedback in the following thread of Emkay swift trader.

Speed: speed is very good. they are having connectivity issue some time with NSE. BSE is working perfectly.

Chart: charting are good.

Service: my personal experience is not very good with their services. cheque amount get deposited into trading account after week even though bank has cleared it.
they closed my account for 15 days without any information. when i inquired they said to sign new "momerum of inderstanding". even after signing it -my account started after another week. that also when i called their head office had some hot talk.

(drawback or plus point). after opening internet trading account. your broker will not able to buy/sell for you throught phone or any means. so your account will be completely with yourself -total independent from broker.
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