Trade the chartpatterns with me

HI friends
i am starting this thread,for discussion regarding chartpatters that occur in stocks, indices etc.I will post my views on charts patterns that i have watched and ur views are are welcomed.Remember that i will only post my views and not any recommendations.
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Hi all
Today i watched the chart of bongaigaon refinary.I saw that the the stock could not breach its strong resistance at the stock has breached its previous day,s low today.I have attached the candle volume chart of bongaigaon refinary see the volume yesterday.I think huge volume indicates profit all these factors give good reasons for shorting the stock with a stop above the resistance that is 67.As John Murphy says "The best place to sell a stock is near resistance."


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There is a head and shoulder formation is bse-metal index in 60 min chart.If the neck line breaks then this is a sure indication that all the shares in the metal sector will go up so those who can not buy the metal index can buy the shares belonging to that sector.
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Ok Raja. One more thing the chart observation that u share with us r of stock spot levels or fut? And if spot than can we take position in fut also ?

Kindly clarify
hey even though i did nt invest must appreciate ur abilities to give to good calls back to back but if i am not mistaken... u gave calls for decolight and intense technology in this thread...i nt it?
ABAN has formed descending triangle with dcreasing volume in its downtrend in Daily. However, it fails to break down at within 2/3 its length. Likely to move up as is is taking support. Likely short term target is 2529.

Dear friends, feel free to correct and add if I am missing something.


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Sterlite industries is forming symmetrical triangle with decreasing volume. Wait for some more time to be sure of the next direction of the trend.


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