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Does anyone know how to change the settings of NEST such that it asks no. of lots in order placement form, by default it asks no. of quantity e.g. for NIFTY I have to specify 75, 150, 225 etc. But I want to enter in terms of lot e.g. 1, 2, 3.
Did you try this ?

I have two nest trader with different broker and in both nest trader, I have been getting this error. Also daily chart isn't loading after this error.
Not using nest plus, so not using the charts.
Hi, I have been getting this error on log in since last few days.

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I don't use Nest plus.
This does come because of Nest Plus. At our we tried reinstalling the application but that that didn't work either. What worked for us was just deleting the "Nest Plugins" folder inside the Nest folder. You may also try the same. This is not the best solution but should work for now.
Yes, we will be working on that too.
I found on your SWING API page that we can get live streaming data through API, quoting it from website below.

Swing APIs is a set of simple HTTP APIs (also known as Rest APIs) built on top of Swing (TradeSmart’s trading platform.) It provides complete data required to build your own customized trading application aligned to your individual trading needs. You can execute orders in real time, manage user portfolio, stream live market data (using Websocket), and much more, with TradeSmart API.
Is the streaming data now available ?

Thanks for the reply. You mean you will get the error on website fixed or the non availability of data fixed , got a bit confused.

BTW API trading arena is fast becoming quite popular , I think you should catch up with the pace of advancement. I have seen TSO now being mentioned on Algoji website. It is a fantastic development but still a little more is needed.
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