Trade Adani Ent with me. My calls ! Risk yours.


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Shall post till derivative close of June, my Intraday calls for Adani Ent. Traded them in May derivative and my Gross profit was Rs.168.00 in 2 lots of 1000 each in 134 trades in 24 trading sessions. Expenses to be reduced, but slippage is factored in as these are actual figures. This is actual figure and not paper trades ! I am not sure if I can repeat the performance again but even in June till 7th had earned Rs.54.00 trading 2 lots.
I dont have a Blog, I dont have a site I dont offer any paid service for Trading or Investing !
Why am I doing it then? Believe it or not : Just to repay my debts ! I am not sure if I will succeed in generating profits but shall give my best.
Calls are based on ATP suggested by Karthik, IDNR4 given by rkkarnani and some input from Shravan (ccmb) !
Position is taken in 2 lots, one lot is exited at Rs.0.50 paise in first week and at Rs.1.00 in second week of commencing the trades. With some profit in the kitty it becomes comfortable to trade.
My Posts shall commence from tomorrow and all efforts will be made for timely post enabling a person who desires to trade to take postion or maybe even Paper trade it to begin with.


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Long not triggered, to safe guard our trade, let us go long only above 206.75 to be on the safer side !
Go short below 203.75 !
Whatever triggeres first , the other trade is negated.


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Could not post due to Net problem. Low 202.30 CMP 202.50 Book profits in both lots. Though I exited first lot at 203.15 and second now at 202.70

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