Totally Lost & New...!!!

Hello All, i just now realised what i have missed.. such a gr8 gr8 site for all small investors.. my god.. i havent seen such bigger forum for all of us..

Guys lets clap for the founders first....:)
Well my name is Prathamesh . Am a student learning fiance as my core career subject so obviously TRADING is a must for me..

So now i come to you all.. Can Anyone plz tell me :

Which one is the best amongst all the brokerage firms..? I have read all other forums related to this topic. It's a rquest plz dont give me RATES/CHARGES ia have a list of all those i need only final choice among the following:

HDFC / Indiabulls / Kotak

Can anyone also tell me why nOT ICICI. as i already have an savings account with them

here is my mail ID: [email protected]
KB- This Site Rockz
I can say why not

If you are looking for uptime and speed, then ICICIDirect is not the place. The website is very slow , very very slow and bythe time you enter your stock quote and hit "proceed" to confirm the order, the market would have changed. ICICIDirect is a BIG NO NO when it comes to day trading.

I am also in search of a nice day trdaing site, I had started out as a mutual fund investor and hence choose But then this world of money is toooooo attractive! I now understand and feel the pain by other authors who had warned against using for day trading. esp in F&O !

Could any one please tell me about HDFCSec, I have a savings account with them as well.


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