Top three MFs for SIP- please help


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Can somebody please suggest top 3 MFs to start SIP for long term. I am novice in MF and dont have much idea about it.
please help.



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I don't think there is any such thing as your title.
if u can elaborate ur risk appetite one can suggest something.
also check forum for other active mutual fund threads.

Choose from the extensive list here. You cannot predict which ones are best ( as in, will give the best returns, or hold against market down cycles well ) , but generally CRISIL ratings are a good standard to go by, pick any 5 star fund from Diversified fund list for medium risk, you can go large cap or small cap for lesser or greater risk respectively.

Also, I highly recommend buying the Direct funds, just google the fund name and you will get the website where you can directly funds, in lump sum or start SIPs, if you have your KYC/CKYC done. I myself have started around 8 SIPs after Diwali this year, I've selected better funds than what an agent got me a few months back.

Don't blindly choose the fund which has given the maximum returns in last 1 year, as I said it's better to consider their CRISIL rating.


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Your time horizon as mentioned----may be 3,5,7 for long term sip equity-----This is my perception.
In case you are looking anything below 5 years for investment in equity, it would be quite risky seeing the current market valuations. I would suggest that you go for more than 5 years in equity.
Anything below 5 years, you can go for debt funds.
But you need to be aware of the taxation implications and returns are not so aggressive as compared to equity. If you are a conservative investor with time horizon of less than 5 years i.e. looking for 2-3 years, you can go for equity savings fund. 5 years time horizon, you can take a call on balanced funds.
In case of 5-7 years, can go for multicap or diversified funds and 10 years in large cap funds and more than 12 -15 years in small and midcap funds. These funds are quite aggressive and returns also good. But all depends on market conditions.
If you're in need to save tax [upto Rs. 1,50,000 under section 80-C] and willing to accept moderate risk, then go for ABSL Tax Relief 96 Fund [Remember to note: It has lock-in period of 3 years but suggest you to keep investing for long term for higher multiplication].

And if you are not in need to save tax, prefer regular fund, then go for HDFC Small Cap Fund [which is diversified fund and it's very good performance going on]. Always good for long term.

And if you are not really into some risk, then go for HDFC balanced fund [which about 30% are risk-free investment]

These three are recommended MFs from my side.
Happy Investing! :)

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