Too Many Funds

Advice needed plsss....

With a view of diversification, I unknowingly have started SIP in following funds and now feel that I need to eliminate few funds. Suggestions are welcome.

Kotak Opportunities (1000/-)
Reliance Growth (2000/-)
SBI Magnum Comma (1000/-)
HDFC top 200 (2000/-)
HDFC midcap (500/-)
HDFC prudence (500/-)
HDFC equity (1500/-)
DSPBR equity (500/-)
DSPBR small midcap (500/-)
DSPBR microcap (500/-)
Quantum long term equity (1000/-)

Total 11 funds for 11500/-...... kotak and SBI are not giving good retuns ...shuld I stop investing in those....pls suggest
Check their performance for considerable time ..atleast more than a year... yes number of funds in my view...get rid of non performers & invest that in top performers
Hi Sandeep,

From your list, my recommendation would be to keep the following funds:

HDFC Equity
HDFC Top 200
DSPBR Equity
DSPBR Small and Midcap / DSPBR Microcap
Quantum Long Term Equity
Reliance Growth

As HDFC Prudence's investing pattern and logic mimics HDFC Top 200, I haven't included the same in this list even though it's a balanced fund.

Happy Investing !!

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