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Can you please suggest some tips to trade Forex online.Looking for some useful tips to get some best return on investment.
First of all, Learn that what is Forex and how its work, without Forex trading knowledge you must lose your money for sure. And before you go live with any broker that time make sure that you use Demo first, Demo will shoe you your mistakes.

Best of Luck.
Hello everyone!

I only trade in MCX. I am a firm believer in automated trading and have a profitable afl. But there are technical obstacles in fully automated trading which I have been trying for many months to solve at least partly with the experts' help/service but no one has been able to deliver yet.

The painful part is, I am totally unsuitable to trade manually. I know most of the time the entry points of profitable trades but emotion grips me when I trade and I suffer loss most of the time.

Just as an experiment, I started with sending free tips to my friends. They are, as expected, working most of the time. Now I want to extend the offer to friends in TJ also because many colleagues here have tried to help me free of cost in the recent past. Now it's my turn at least to try something.


The conditions are:

a) only Nickel Mini (MCX) tips will be given (Futures).
b) the position may have to be held for 1 to 3 nights.
c) only the entry prices will be informed. Exit will have to be chosen by the tips receiver depending on his profit/risk appetite.
d) the member must work with stop losses. Failing to do that may spoil the party.
e) the member will need to work fast if he wants to trade with the tips
f) I expect one or two good signals per week.
g) the member will need to have Whatsapp on his mobile to receive tips.
h) I shall be able to send out tips as long as my energy permits. Remember, I am an old man and have to remain busy to earn my livelihood.

Willing members may PM me or send his name and number to my mobile 09748498985. Naturally, if there are too many responses I have to serve only the first few. Please forgive me for that.
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