Tidal waves In stock Market

Indian stock market is likely to have furious tidal wave inspite of gloomy global sceanrios for the time being as still market is overvalued in their respective shares but as the manufacturing and consumption of najor portion of the globe has shifted to ASIA. In this region china plungging in capital economy from their communism outlook growing demands likely to sprinp-up from Afghanistan, Pakistan becuase of the Amity attitude India and Pakistan and Iran back to normal will give this part of the subcontinent grand boost to the economy of the world as in all the three neighbouring countries USA and UK with their euro alliance has economical understanding and the giants brain of India will do the disection part. Indian Govt giving Foreign Direct investment called FDI in real sate and telcome will add fuel and fire in the market as one can see volumeminous growth in these sector and as Buinesss link of himalya click most of the neighbouring countries specially Pakistan shall boom being close to Big brother. Petrochemicals sugar consumers and durables industry will properousto its totality. Only one condition must prevail The peace must be availed at all cost for the benefit which the global politicians have been able to establish and may God give them success in Iran and Afghanistan.
Running of stock market in hurlburly is zig zag way is always injurious for small and masses trading in the market and brokers too can not make much in this erratic scenario. Here I wish our Golden trio Minister would keep the market well under their control. Best of luck to all net fraternity involved in their share. Nksagar :p


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This does reprerent one of the best times in the mkt. Lets hope the politicians or nature or anything else do not goof it up this time. Peace indeed is most important alongwith FDI which is nowhere compared to china.
That is really the asset building longterm capital.
The market is tumbling with its own weight with less volume, the market which is used to large volume suddenly find itself in low volume and the bulls cannot sustanin the higher prices hence the valuation of shares which was upto know too many chasing few script has tunre into some chasing few script.The race looks burdensome as the trigger is not availabler the momentum in the market is not wholesome. lets take from various point of view-
Old economy stocks and tech stocks
in old eco cement appears to be strong. metal looks weakno trigger from intnt secene.
tech stocks lustrless than last yr as last yr Infoy and wipro gave liberal bonus, TCS came with flying color.
This time TCs and other not right to the apex performing side.
Policies of Governance vat brings situation of uncertainity for FMCG and Pharma the later is getting worse for cos trading in India.Durable goods not much in demand as season od demand has not erupted.
Results of TCS Hindustan lever Ranbaxy and other lead players bring detached attitude of the investor as IPo are going cheap in the market as downtown market progresses in downhill direction.Elections in Uk put the allied powers in uncertainity for the economy.National level the opposition and treasury eyeing the storm incoming in five states in form of election and make most noises of each other poor perfromance.
there is silverlinning today Japan has given more signal for development in this country as PM of Japan see that india has big potentionial for investment in India.More foreign
development strucrue and infrastructure shall put the Indian economy in further progressivness.
Share market has touched level below 6150 which makes on the chart that it shall soon rouch 5750 as no big cos to take the market up as the big brothers wrath brought more injury to injured.
The biger leaders to come with liberal bonus asnd higher yeild in form of bonus shall bring the desired X factor.The bank stock which wa s too some extent taking and carrying the market with latest credit policy and the RBI Governor further added fuel to fire by making statement that fuel to be more dearer and the credit polciy gave lustreful picture of the industry but the policy could not soothe the banking sector.Bankers cos result with their liberal declaration may bring some added attraction at later date of results outcome by SMI, FBI.CBk,J&KBk BOB etc.

With regards and request to other learned members add lustre to this recent topic.
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Hello members,

The rally good one for forward tides,voulmes,results still awited from leader cos to paint further movement of the market,



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Hello members,

The rally good one for forward tides,voulmes,results still awited from leader cos to paint further movement of the market,

right....some big results still awaited...especially from the traders delight sec....REAL ESTATE;)

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