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Dearest traderji,and respected all seniors and juniors,
Today is the 1st of May---an universal holiday in most parts of the world(besides being a Sunday),--- for today is the May Day--( the International Labour Day)---and also significantly,--my B-DAY .

It was on this day,a few decades ago, ---I first got a glimpse of this beautiful world,--when I got my birth from my mother's womb.

Days ,months, and years ,thereafter passed away,---enriching myself, with a diversified knowledge in various walks of life ---until today,I stand where I am,---along with my dearest wife,Mitali,--always ready to stand besides myself,and defend me,--whatever the circumstances might be.

Besides my profession,( a teacher of Maths and Physics,as well as a Trader),I am primarily a Dreamer---who always try to dream ,of creating an imaginative, beautiful,enlightened world--where universal peace and common prosperity ,gets a precedence over ruthless competition, and unhealthy rulings.

And,for making my dreams, converge towards the reality,and trying to understand the tricks of the mind,---my entry into the stockmarket has really been an eyeopener.

With every pulsating mood of the stockmarket,I get a new lesson of life---from harnessing my emotions ,to acute cautiousness and intense concentration ,and finally the art of visualising and predecting future movements,along with the significance of spirituality in day to day life.

Not only ,just these practical lessons---but,after joining the Traderji forum,I have also understood the significance of the Open Source Project(a perfect example of which,is this forum itself).WIth every passing day, I find that there are many others,throughout my country,as well as outside,who also share my dreams ---maybe in some different ways,but obviously in the same line.

Sharing thoughts,ideas,and personal belongings is obviously a previlidge,and those who wishes to remain away from it,will never be able to get a glimpse of this elixiar of life.

And ,finally ,a request and a food of thought for everyone in this forum:
There are a lot of youngsters,who have Dreams unlimited;----there are a lot of true analysts,who have Brains unlimited;---there are a lot of seniors who have Visions and Knowledge unlimited;----and there are a lot of stray folks who have Ideal Money unlimited;----if there occurs a rational and holistic fusion of these aparent anamolies in the stockmarket,---then our dependence for market movement on the FII's will decrease significantly,and a true valuation of the stocks would finally emerge,--whereby a true picture of our country's economy would be projected in front of the global community,and more and more people would enter the stockmarket and thus make it a grand success,in the truest sense.
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A very Happy Birthday to you......Wishing u all the best,and Happy Trading!!
hi dear joy,
a happy birthday to you. i love to read the tips of you and other senior members. i wish you to contribute to this forum regularly like other learned seniors. i am new to trading and still learning the basics. what is puzzling for me is i get over-impatient and still not able to follw trend quickly. when i think a trend is coimng, i wait to confirm and see it is right. i then join the late and the obvious happens. i do not know how to tune my nerves with the market. let me follw you all and learn to be a proactive trader.


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Many happy returns of the day from me too. In birthday's context, you and other new members have actually given a new birth to traderjii. Talking of you specifically, only a dreamer could have initiated some of the posts you have. Keep dreaming but not during market hours and remember overdreaming is injurious to health though at the same time I hope you give birth to more interesting posts.
Hi everyone,
It feels really great ,to have so many of urs warm wishes.Thanks a lot ,--Saint,munmun,miscos,sh50,Trader_Guy,and all others,---for all ur heartiest welcome.And thanks,sh50,for ur kind advice.Hope ,to write something later-----Feeling sleepy---Bye,Bye---all of u-------
Dear Joy

Sorry- not in time But many many happy reurn of the day 1 May- May God bless u with lots and lots of happiness prosperity and peace .

As ur in noble profession ,mentally advance ,good ideas make good actions .Niece to be part of ur group.

with regards
urs nksagar

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