"The Winning " JunJun style


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ok this one is totally in downtrend .. even on tv some guy yesterday said to sell lol and moment he said sell
it went 256 ...
I knew if tv says sell it;s BUY
already holding 18K @ 274 i think i am buy another 22k if this one today or in a week by Friday closes above 265
.pivot stands at 263 today ...

and i think this be only trade for current finance year ... have made this stock as my daughter ^^ soon suitor will come :xD
idk why but even when rate is falling some how i am comfortable fearless in this one.
i know 200 ka maal will turn 400 then 800 but
Whatsoever this one matches my mind set . debt free company :xD F the ROE :xD
Master Gann 360 rotation stands at 330

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