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Time for a reality check

Posted on Aug 31st
Yesterday in the last 15 mins I opened a lossless short with 100% capital and 2 speculative shorts.

The main position was 11600 puts and some Yesbank puts ......... 11400 puts added 1 week later
Entry1 was stopped out and and I got in again at entry 2....... Exit was at the blue arrow

I bought 11600 puts at 93

And sold at 570............ profit of only 500%

All those who followed my posts would have made between 400% to 600% depending on the bought strike.

During the Feb crash, I got 600% on my puts, and on the next trade, I put the entire initial
capital + 600% profit ............ for 60% return. On this trade I had 2x of initial capital on.

All entries and exits of every trade were posted in this thread, either in advance or before the next trading day.
All in all..........about 1600% for this year on 3 trades....... could be more as a few positions haven't been taken in account.

Remember, prediction never works

Hail milord

All my trades for this year are over. A few small moves remain which I'm not interested in.

If you don't want your mind blown out of your ass then don't watch this

This footage was removed from the DVD compilation as the content was considered unsuitable for public viewing........... probably Dynamos best.
Shin Lim .............35 million views

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There are times when staying out is the best bet. The gaps up and down would have slammed many...............which is the most important reason for timing the market correctly and getting in only before a trend starts.

Sat and read your whole thread in one go. Some sort of esoteric knowledge or discovery is behind this. Thank you for posting. Wonder if someday someone else will ever figure this out or this knowledge will end with Taurus1. Just amazing sir. No words.
The knowledge never started with me and cannot end with me. I am not dumb to think for one second that I'm the first one or the only one to have discovered stuff.

There are others........ whether they come forward to help is anyones guess.
The goose will never be given away or sold at any price, but there may be a few who are willing to share the golden eggs.

I think Og Mandino wrote this in one of his books.
God says that you can have anything that you want in this world, but you must pay the "full price" in advance.
So what is the full price ?
The price is to be paid in terms of time, energy, money, effort, hard work, devotion, knowledge, sacrifice, determination etc.

In my early days when I was struggling, I've never asked anyone for a system...... method or help because I made up my mind to figure it out on my own. They say 95% loose, if that is true, then I want to do the opposite of what they are doing.

It wasn't easy and I paid a very hefty price but every bit was worth it.

There is a huge amount of "private" knowledge in sports and human performance which is only passed on by word of mouth and from father to son
At 15, I was very keen on an individual sport and became very good at it in just 1 year.......... and started taking coaching from a former international. One day we were discussing a problem I was struggling with and he told me what to do in just one sentence.
That one sentence made a massive difference.

At 18 I left sport, but I found out that the most valuable currency in the world is knowledge.

Sport is one of the few remaining strongholds of excellence.
There are no zero performance experts editing their contract notes and expert conmen editing their posts after they go wrong.

Merit is king and performance rules.

Right now I'm only in US weekly options till Dec end. Then I'll make the 2019 chart and see when the big trades are coming. No trades till then, here.

I'm not trading it, but the trend starts today by afternoon or by Tues latest.
Thank you taurus1 for taking the time off to reply to me. Your unconventional thinking is king boggling. Hope to some day find something like what you have found and post those trades like you days in advance. Thanks for taking the trouble to come here and post. Saying so since I know I probably wouldn’t if I had the knowledge you have.


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Your unconventional thinking is king boggling. .
Some call it unconventional thinking, others might call it uncommon common sense.
I call it doing what makes money.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result - Tony Robbins

Is is safe to presume, you are talking about the last downfall before the upmove???
Whatever calculations I did, were upto the end of my last trade in Sept. Since there are no further trades ahead, there is no point in finding out where it is going.

10,000 is an obvious, no brainer support, with another big support at 9950.
If it cannot bounce off it, it never will.

A lot of people here think that a trading system is just going to be handed to them. Life doesn't work that way.
How many here will walk up to a stranger and put money in his pocket ?
Probably none. And it's ok not to.
Just don't expect someone else to do it to you.

There is a big difference between mediocre knowledge and life changing knowledge.
The mediocre stuff takes years and is usually grinding.
The real stuff doesn;t take years or months to work.............the transformatuion is instanteous or takes a few days.

So decide to make your own road, because nobody else will.



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As usual, the chors, er institutions keep it sideways until after the event is over........ and then only reveal the real direction.

A major support is at 10565 s , as it breaks, the high voltage move starts.

An old friend has arrived with his wife, they are here for a few days before going to Agra.
According to him, this is going to be a big move.

Good enough for me, so I took some puts.........if it happens by settlement, my puts will be up by a few hundred %%%%%%%%%%.

His father works for the largest investment house in Corpus Christi, been with them for 40+ years......... as good as a partner and been trading since the Ice Age.

Just think what it must have been like in the 70s.......... trading and communicating using pigeons.

Greatest quote ever:up::up::up::up::up:
Yeah, I wish I had a 100 likes buttons just for the image below :). The next one is a big bonus.

Keep them coming, Taurus :up:

Your analysis is daring and individual.


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Good enough for me, so I took some puts.........if it happens by settlement, my puts will be up by a few hundred %%%%%%%%%%.

On the day I posted this, there was a spike up at the open, so I added some more puts.

Almost a week over yesterday and it's at about the same place, where it started from

I refuse to hold any position during settlement week, so closed all.

This is the reason I decided to not trade here after Sept ...... it's a total waste of time.

One for the zero performance experts



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Sgx down 1.38 %%%%%%
The real game starts on Tuesday when the actual numbers come out....... today's move is more of guesswork.

Ok, who all are holding longs and who all are holding shorts??

Be an expert and show your position after the direction is known.


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