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Essel Propack -:

The packing company and is one of the leader in the industry giving its services to FMCG and Pharma companies . It is one of the largest manufaturer of lamination tubes which is used in for companies manufacturing toothpaste,medicated creams ,cosmetic creams . The company has the manufacturing facilities in countries USA China Europe, latin America South Asia Egypt, Nepal . Last year it has acquired UK cos Arista tubes manufacturing the seamless plastic tubes.

The company is depending as on FMCG and pharma hence the global impact of these two industry gives an immediate impact.

The above details to know about the intrinsic value of the company before entering , one must read between the lines in the recent quartly and yearly results.
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It is very nice of you to have commented on my script a day for which I am very grateful to you for inspiring for the same

My effort is for the net fraternity to understand and have information the positive one so that there confidence is generated with righteous information into true knowledge.

With regards.
The Most valuable Ones- Script a day


This compani is one of the unique company and ranks third in the world in its product.
The company is engaged in optical storage media disc for computers ,music system,DVD.
The product range include floppy disc,compact CD and DVD.
The company has presence in over 40 Countries and has products of international standards.Although the company is facing stiff competetion but the volume in sales make it the best amongst the best.

With regards N KSagar 22nd april 2005.
Re; The Most valuable Ones -Script a day

Bharat Forge-:

The auto componet is big market in India,with advent of more brands or multiple ones the industry has brought various leaders in the field.

Bharat forge is the largest auto component manufacturing facilities.
It has opened its facilities of manufacturing in Germany. The Germany is hub of Auto industry and is known for their excellence.

Bharat forge one company has 2.2Lakh tonnes forging capacity and now will run to 3.2 lakh tonnes capacity.

The shares is likely to split and and will be in reach of retail investors.


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You have made very good contributions among the new members and this thread in particular must be appreciated. It is a very healthy trend in two ways. You are giving reasoning instead of the tip culture which should be more an exception than the rule. Secnodly you are attempting a qualitative analysis which is more difficult for a layman to attempt. We invest looking at the last five years balance sheets. My feeling is that if you give some kind of financial analyis, it will look more complete. A great initiative, nevertheless.
Dear Sh 50

You are very learned person and your remarks speak volumes as u hold very responsible position and great to have dialogue with u.The script is valuable one not because of current fiscal structure which is definetly required the most but due to various market forces, brings the stock,to its market value. Industry , upswing and downswing can distort the reading between the line because if the investor jumps to conclusion and he tumbles and tumbles down i will loose my mettel of my words but where necessary I hold your view in totality. Forgive me for my forthrightness. Hope to hear soon from u. With regards and love to all readers, best of luck. Nksagar :)

An indian pharma company in 1992 leaps as global biotech and pharma company.The presence of this company is in manufactoruing are in UK,Germany
USA South America -Brazil, and South Africa with leader in JV, Mexico. The presence of company products is in nearly hundred countries and 140 total patents products,

Its R& D achievements are Glargine technologyfor insuline.
Nine market approvals for biopharmaceuticals and 25 approvals are in pipeline.Three patents for biotechnologyare also in pipeline.
It is 13 billion rupees company The company has sought patent approvals for 25 products in Russia South Africa etc

Wockhardt is in line of sterile-vials ampoules,cartidges etc
biotech -Yeast, e coli,Manmalian cells formulations vaccine non vaccins
Oral tables capsules
Topical creams and ointments
And API including sterile cephalosporins.

The company has well managment team in R& D and other sector of managemnt as the company is in avaerage growth yearly is impressive 20%.
Market expected bonus and liberal incentive for shareholders which is due from the company.

N K :)
Re: The Most valuable Ones script a day

The company is about 20 year old,it is in the line of manufacturing auto parts and is almost leader in its zone of activities.The indian company was take off autoparts for Japanese co Sumitomo and hence a joint venture and presently exports 100crores worthof its auto componets.
The company has a status of monopoly in its trade and has turn over of Rs500cr and last year gave 1;1 bonus to its sharehiolders.its liberal character in paying bonus and dividends in regulars period attract the investor fancy.
Motherson sumi system as it is called MSSL has market share of 80% in its ambit of business and therefore looks better placed than its global competitors as it has restructured its low cost maufacturing to its best economy zone,.
It also has manufacturing presence in sharzah,sri Lanka,Austria.

The script is being traded in higher volumes and as recently gave bonus please refer to latest yrly results.

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