The most expensive brands (Forbes)

The American company Apple has retained the lead in the annual ranking of the most expensive brands according to the Forbes.
Thus, the first three places for the brand value continues to steadily keep the company from the sphere of high technologies.
According to the Forbes, Apple brand value increased over the year by 6% and amounted to $154.1 bn. Also the top five included Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Facebook.
In second place with an incredible gap from the leader in the 87% placed the Google brand - its value is about $82.5 bn. At the same time on Google ads spent almost twice as much as Apple. It is important to note that Apple is regarded as one of the most rapidly rising in price brands, primarily due to the recognition - of like a social network are 1.65 billion people.
However, the Microsoft brand value is also growing, though not as impressive rate - from $69.3 to $75.2 bn. The top ten most expensive brands were also Toyota, IBM, Disney, McDonald's and GE.

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