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In my younger days i was a member of so many forums that i had to keep a seperate page in a diary for login names.No i just dont get time enough to keep up with them.
Nowdays i just post around here and at turtletradingsoftware forum
Check out
I am a regular there,very useful for system trading info
I posted quite a lot around at elitetrader but nowdays people there are more concerned on humuliating each other than talking about trading.

Nice to know u have confidence in me about contributing info


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I just happened to see your posts on the worksheets and trading simulation. You are a boon to this forum as far as beginners are concerned specially considering the high failure rate. Not everybody passes on what they know. Anything I have come across as a beginner in TA,I have immediately posted and tried to share. Since you are experienced, you would be the largest hearted person in the forum and it is probably such people which made ezboard the largest network in the world which is what this post is about. Thanks once again and keep it up.
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I second sh50's opinion that CV is definitely a boon to this forum but I also wish to add that sh50 himself is a very welcome addition to this forum due to his colorful poetry and thanks are due to both for their willingness to share information that they come across.

Thanks and Regards,


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Thanks for the compliment. Hope someday my trading becomes as colorful as my poetry which does not really have much colour in it( No Money).
I thought I'd written in an earlier post
that CV and sh50 are about the most
helpful guys in this motley crowd
of greenhorns and traders, who do themselves proud. :)
Where's everybody; why is nobody here?
There's much to talk about, but nothing to cheer.
Forget about the markets now, look what's happening around;
The media is going to dizzy heights trying to break new ground.

Be it the Ambanis' spat or the Seer's bagfull of woes;
The common man is listening in and certainly on his toes.
"To be or not to be" the TV channels' prey,
That's the real burning question of the day.

What's true & what's not is anybody's guess;
Hyping up non-issues is the job of the press.
The need of the hour is hence not to find fault,
but to take NEWS with the proverbial 'Pinch of Salt'.

The Reliance "War" may turn out be,
just so much smoke & no fire to see;
The religious Seer has a barrel of woes,
but why don't we leave things to take their own course?

There's no intent here to peddle my views,
on all that's in & not in the News;
It's just that we ought to live life with ease,
and shun all things that disturb the peace. :)


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Tears of joy make me weep
When I see your verse expressions, my dear Jaideep
You are classy, profound and deep
A record of all your poetry I shall have to keep
As for the media, where they have no business to, they peep
To get a story somehow, anyhow, they can be nasty and cheap
They dont follow the dictum look before you leap
They can strike out of the blue without giving a beep
They deserve a dose of their own medicine; what you sow you reap
As for the laymen, such messages they should overlook and sleep
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hello, everybody very likely does not be acquainted with or bear in mind me, but I remember you ...
I'm with you and I hope that in these times undergo a legal family. So paralysed a progress it all later to petition and on request what next ...

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