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Hi waxie,

U hv mentioned that it is a free software.When i visited the site /link it displays $$$ 19.99 (( clearly indicating its a low priced software))) how did u manage to get a free version. Could u pls arrange to send me the free version if its not a big bother to u .
Email me [email protected]


Me too. Free download not found anywhere. Reading about the software has made me more interested in the software. Dreamtai site is very much present. But no free download. Can you pls. mail me the software. My mail id: [email protected]

It is nice to see an Indian Forum on TA and stuff.I am a member of lots of online communities on trading and always wanted something similar closer to home.I have done a lot of research on technical side of markets on the internet recently and I would like to share them here with you all.

So to begin I would like to start with software

A nice inexpensive TA software comparibly
Nice interface,system building and testing,custom language.About129$
Free 30 day trial

For Advanced System Building
WealthLab3 (uses Pascal)
Also Neurolab for neural networks,MonteCarloLab for MonteCarlo Simulation and IndexLab for customised Indices.
It also supports Medved Quotetracker for intraday data
Free trial

For Neural Networks
Trading Solutions
I like this one the best among Neural Networks.It trains on historical data to predict future price movements.Pretty Expensive $950 Free Demo

Now for trader training
They offer a simulator which is terrific for learning day trading.15 day trial

Dynamite Sentimentor
It is a sentiment reading software,I found it to be excellent in simulation mode.give it a try.15 day trial

The list is endless and this was just the beginnig.Keep checking I will post more.If you have anything to ask just post a reply


:) :)
Thanks for all the excellent links
Re: Amibroker tutor/Guide/Book


Can any one suggest any Guide/Tutor/Book to learn use of Amibroker and AFL. Your help will be very much apprreciated


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