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It is nice to see an Indian Forum on TA and stuff.I am a member of lots of online communities on trading and always wanted something similar closer to home.I have done a lot of research on technical side of markets on the internet recently and I would like to share them here with you all.

So to begin I would like to start with software

A nice inexpensive TA software comparibly
Nice interface,system building and testing,custom language.About129$
Free 30 day trial

For Advanced System Building
WealthLab3 (uses Pascal)
Also Neurolab for neural networks,MonteCarloLab for MonteCarlo Simulation and IndexLab for customised Indices.
It also supports Medved Quotetracker for intraday data
Free trial

For Neural Networks
Trading Solutions
I like this one the best among Neural Networks.It trains on historical data to predict future price movements.Pretty Expensive $950 Free Demo

Now for trader training
They offer a simulator which is terrific for learning day trading.15 day trial

Dynamite Sentimentor
It is a sentiment reading software,I found it to be excellent in simulation mode.give it a try.15 day trial

The list is endless and this was just the beginnig.Keep checking I will post more.If you have anything to ask just post a reply


:) :)


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Hi CreditViolet,

Welcome to

I had tried using amibroker as a replecement to MetaStock, but found the interface and language a little stiffling when comarped to MetaStock which I am now using.

I understand that Amibroker is a much more versatile program compared to MetaStock but the learning curve is a bit too steep.

I will give the price motion and dynamite sentimeter a try as they sound kinda interesting.
I Would like to know if there is any software support on Indian Stocks which would show the formation of candlestick patterns live on daily basis along with other parameters like volume , stochastics , RSI , bOLLINGERBANDS ,etc.( features on metastock )
You can use MetaStock Pro with a live data feed of Indian Stocks & Indices from a data service provider like viratech.


Wares there are many but all depends on the data put into it.Wealth-lab supports custom made data source.So does amibroker but there is a serious limitation on quality real time data
How did you load bse nse symbol data in metastock with smart downloader.Is there any data file .One by one inclusion is time consuming


Hello cdrin
I dont use smartdownloader.I use HQuotes Pro to download EOD data from yahoo.
To get the complete yahoo ticker list go to yahoo india finance site.Copy the component list of Nifty or Sensex on to Excel and then paste it into wherever it is required

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