The end of Jesse livermore among others- Tumble to Humble


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In 1923, nine of the worlds richest men met to discuss economy. They were among the richest men in the world. They were:-

Charles Schwab- President of the largest Steel company
Sameul Insull- President of the largest electric utility company
Howard Hopson- President, largest gas company
Arthur Cutten- Greatest wheat speculator
Richard whitney- President, New york stock exchange
Albert Fall- Secretary of Interior in President Hardings Cabinet.
Jesse Livermore, the greatest bear on the Wall street
Ivan Krueger, head of the worlds greatest monopoly.
Leon Fraser, President of the Bank of international settlements.

After 25 years in 1948, the situation was as follows:-

Charles Schwab was bankrupt and lived the last few years on borrowed money.
Samuel Insull died abroad as a penniless fugitive.
Howard Hopson was insane.
Arthur Cutten became insolvent and died abroad
Richard Whitney had been imprisoned
Albert Fall was pardoned from prison and died broke and penniless.
Jesse Livermore had committed suicide.
Ivar Krueger killed himself
Leon Fraser committed suicide.

One really wonders how so many men bottomed out after achieving a major top. If the stockmarket has not already humbled anybody- this trully will. I did not know that Jesse was a bear. I do know that he made a fortune four times to lose it. That's why I say " Jesse jaisa koi nahin" (famous TV serial

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