The Art of Professional Speculation


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I will be posting the trades based on the intense study of the market.

Rules are simple :
1. Don't Risk too much on a single trade.
2. Be Ruthless in cutting the losers.
3. Press your Winners
4. Only Trade when the Odds are TOO high in your Favour.
5. Treat it like a business

What is the edge of the trading system?
System is based on the fundamentals of trading i.e. Support and Resistances. It has a distinct edge as it incorporates the sentiment of the people (Greed and Fear).

Timeframe of the trades: 5 days to 8 months.

Inspiration : Jesse Livermore, PTJ.

Also note that : This is a thread for myself, i am not trying to prove anyone here.


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Trade 1 : Short CENTTEXT Fut at 304 SL 324. Will update after market opens tomorrow.
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