Textile stocks

Dear Traderji,
Can you please tell me what is outlook for Indo rama synthetics
and Alok industries in next six months. i have purchased these stocks b4
4 months at 70. Currently they are trading at 66 and 64 respectively.
Please advice me on these counters. Any better stock in this sector at
attractive valuations?
did u try for GokalDas exports? it is having a very good outlook. Its IPO is priced at 375-425. But even if u missed it u have a chance to purchase it from the mkt on the first day.
I am not very convinced about the Equity model of Alok. The management has made preferential allotment twice in the last 12 months. The market cap to sales ratio is not very favourable.

Instead, I suggest you to look at conservative management but fundamentally strong scrips like Amarjothi Spinning of Tirupur and Lakshmi Mills Co Ltd of Coimbatore.

Lakshmi Mills Co Ltd (LMC) belongs to the famous Lakshmi group of Coimbatore - the other companies in this group being Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW), Lakshmi Electric Control Systems, Veejay Lakshmi Engineering. LMC hold 72000 equity shares of LMW with a market value of about Rs.60 crores. This translates into a per share value of about Rs.800/- per Equity share of Rs.100/- each of LMC. The present market price is less than Rs.700/- and the complete textile business comes free. This is one goldmine waiting to be unlocked.

Traderji, your views both fundamentally and technically on thes 2 scrips.
Alok is not for long term. Buy at about 60-62 and sell 65-67. do not hold. when it goes above 75 sell without hesitation. If you are keen to hold you can buy back
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Dear Traderji,
I am holding Raymonds bought at 305,
shall I expect it to go atleast 370 in a month's time?
No much change was observed even after its expansion plans. pl. advice when to exit.

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