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there are couple of other ways also to enter in this trade, which i am not showing.


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VSA sign of weakness:

below are the major sow(s). theses are not trading signals on stand alone basis. background and structure are the keys. with strength in the background sow would not work. with weakness in the background sows are excellent to go short or to cover long.
  1. upthurst
  2. top reversal/2 bar upthrust
  3. hidden upthrust
  4. no demand
  5. effort vs. result
  6. pushing through support
  7. buying climax
VSA sign of strengths:
  1. 2 bar bottom reversal
  2. selling cliamax
  3. test
  4. hidden test
  5. pushing up through supply
  6. spring
  7. stopping volume.

with regard to definition of the above one can refer to various material on vsa or tom williams book. there may be couple of more but the above 7 are what i follow in reading supply demand imbalance.
if one is interested in learning them, pick one and keep on identifying them on chart till the time you become an expert of it and then move to next one. work like a crazy and insane person to get command over them. as these are one of the building blocks (other 2 are background and structure) of chart reading mastery.


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difficult day for day traders as in bnf first bar is wide spread and price not able to go out of the range. day traders must be waiting for the breakout to initiate position which may never happen for whole day. such days if apply some trading logic are easy to trade eventhough profits are not big but risk is also low.
from market profile perceptive till now day in being controlled by day time frame traders and range extension has not happened (this is the key for day traders). there are couple of ways to look for trade set ups one is trading from the extremes taking long from support and short from resistance of first bar. second one is treat reading chart bar by bar and exploiting the imbalance of supply and demand.
below is the chart with second option


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what a hulk mode day its turning out in bnf. its up-to us whether be pleasantly surprised by market and make money or be in a state of shock and loose money.
"hur saas per bulls ki aah nikle ab aur nahi"


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no taken this long but chart shows. how with basic vsa reading one can make money with low risk high reward set ups.



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past few days i am trading on tick chart(1 sec stamp data). earlier i also tried it but some how at that time data remained unstable so dropped it. this time using ninjatrader 8 64 bit and data is remaining very stable and finally see how easy and smooth chart reading is with this data. anyone who is doing day trading and have access to tick data (both gdfl and truedata is giving) must use it instead of time base data. i am using 100 tick chart for bnf and its giving very clear picture and trade set ups.

it works well in amibroker also but only problem is amibroker does not have tick counter so some time you cannot time the entry where as in ninjatrader you have tick counter so one knows exactly when bar is completing.

my laptop is 10 years old and finally decided to buy new one for having further smooth tick data :)


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you simply dont need volume if one can analyse PA is logical sequence its more than enough. even if vol one wants to use vol basic is reading pa standalone basis once mastered use vol along with it. else it will be never ending loop


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dear admin,
kindly close/lock this thread as i am no more writing anything here anymore.


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