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Hi All,

I am a regular trader in the market. I trade basicaly on the call given by my brokerage house. I wonder earlier how they pick the stocks. The accuracy seems to be 70-90%. Later on I learn that its all the power of Technical Analysis and the wonderful software they have which help them in trend deciding.

But the problem here is that they give too many calls which isn't easy to trade in all calls and their accuracy comes to the figure I wrote earlier when we trade in all calls.

Therefore I decided to learn Technical Analysis on my own. I want to know from the fellow reputed members that is there any place and any company which provides training on technical analysis and using the software whish is best available in the market.

Ur replies would be eagerly waited



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lot of places...provided u buy the best available software/ data services for the best prices...
how about going to, see their MSTA syllabus and the reading list?


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if u see the reading list, they are all books available in the market. go to sterling book house and talk to them. they may get it for you. even landmark gets it from amazon.


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as for software, u can use free software mentioned in this forum...or else, buy the book introduction to technical analysis by martin pring, tata mcgrawhill publication...with that u'll get a stripped down version of metastock...that will be a good introduction to TA.
Thanks a lot:)
I have started reading books on technical analysis.
But lots of more to learn
Can you tell which is the BEST software?
i have heared about ASA , TREND, M.STOCK,ETC.
Or i go through the free software as you suggested.(As a beginner)


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yes please go through the free software...then if u find one day that u want to do things that these free things cant provide, thats the day u r ready to buy a paid software. there's nothing called best software. even a pencil and paper can achieve a lot if u chart by hand (of course computers make somethings very easy and maks things possible that was impossible with paper).
i dont know what ASA and Trend is. Do u mean eascTrend? Software use varies according to your needs and abilities. Amibroker is cheap and good, but u will sweat a lot and sometimes tear your hair to get advanced things done...even if u know programming pretty well.
Metastock is very old.....other than that cant say as i have little experience using it.
Wealthlab is very good for traders who do not have much experience in coding, but want to build robust system...check their 30-day trial.
more later as u grow...


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Hi All,
I am sreenivas, I have been into trading quite some time back. I am already using Amibroker for my technical analysis. Can anyone please help me to get the trading techniques which sucessful traders follow and stock selection techniques in Bull or Bear market conditions.
Awaiting for your valuable reply
Thanks in advance!

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