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Recently, I became aware of this course being offered in Delhi. I myself had a lot of difficulty learning technicals about a year and a half ago. For beginners, this may be the right thing:-

The details of the course are in the file attached.(kunal.doc)

The person concerned, Mr Kunal Saraogi claims affiliation to the International federation of Technical analysts. On chatting with him, he claimed six years experience as an analyst and one and a half years as teacher. He claims that since this is a recognized course, candidates can also appear for higher exams.(You can write and check with him)The basic course is 16 hours and advanced course 28 hours

I don't want to get into good or bad because that is something only a person who has gone through the course can say categorically.

All I can say is that since he is giving one to one session on the computer and also practical paper and computer exercises, it is far better value for money than attending an insipid seminar where they try to stuff too much too soon. This is like a proper structured course in the NIIT format which is theory followed by practicals which is the way it should be.

Considering the price some seminars command these days, the basic course would be excellent value for money. It is said that a great analyst need not become a great trader. Vice-versa is also true. A great trader need not necessarily be a great teacher. (Morgan and Banks, HRD consultants in 30 countries have vouched for the fact that a great player does not become a great coach and vice-versa)

The mkt can prove even the best of analysts wrong despite being conceptually right. So as long as you can get somebody to get your basic fundas clear with personal attention, it maybe more useful than paying some reputed trader for a quickie seminar. In all fields of human endeavor, one rule is common " Back to the basics" when things go wrong. Without strong basics or foundation, failure is more probably especially in the mkt where one would not know whether the analysis was wrong or one was proved wrong by the mkt.

Its for each person to decide depending upon what he wants. This is an awareness creating post.
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Thanks for sharing this info.. Its something all can benefit from. I have already sent them a mail asking if they conduct online courses, as I am located in Chennai. If you have any info on it please let me know.
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