Technical Analysis beginner

I'm a newbie to market. I have been watching YouTube videos and reading articles to understand the trading and technical analysis. However I have been some place where I can get proper content to learn about Technical analysis basic , advance, strategy,option trading. Is there any trading class for learning or in this website where should start from. Can anyone guide me.
Being a newbie in the market can be difficult, as there are several resources informing you about different ways and means to survive the market.
But first thing first, you should learn about the basics.
This includes the working of stock market, order placement, types of orders, and exchanges involved
Then it comes to picking a stock, you cannot use your gut feeling to pick a stock.
For that you have to carry fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and then narrow down on the stocks.
Also, positioning the order is also important, otherwise you may experience losses due to poor judegement.

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