"Teach a man to fish ..." Compilation


Have compiled the thread "Teach a man to fish .." by Saint. This is updated till today.

Have done my best to categorise everything in the best possible manner that Saint has taught us.

Following is the url for downloading the same ...

http://www.4 shared. com/file/35182569/f5252717/Saint.html (Delete the blank spaces)

Attached is a screenshot to see the folders that the file contains. Under each folder, there are 2 word documents, 1 for what Saint has taught us and the 2nd for Questions asked by members & the answers given by Saint.

Have kept the page layouts in Landcape mode for all the pages, because the graphs fit better and are easier to comprehend.

For those who are familiar with the thread, you don't need to be told what you are downloading :)

For those that are new out here or have missed out on this thread, please just go right ahead & download the file. I have no words to express how useful this is going to be to you. This is a gem of a thread.

From now on, for those who wish to update the folders, please do so. It would prove invaluable to you in the future.

Have also posted the same under the thread "Teach a man to fish"

Here is the link for the original post by Saint ...

Please do let me know your feedback ...


Thanks & regards,


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Hi ,

Nice Compilation Buddy.Keep it up.



hi gobatman2001
great work! would u do me a fovure
i am not able to use rapidshare from my place of work due to proxy/firewall. could you be kind enough to send me yours compilation of Saint on my mail id
[email protected] . i shall be very thankful to you.

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