Taxes charged by Broker


This was regarding the taxes (ST, STT, TT and Stamp Duty) my Broker is charging me. I have done a lot of search on internet but havent found a formal site where I could confirm the correct figures. Please help!! either tell me where can I find the correct tax percentage or will be gratefull if following figures could be confirmed.

I am being charged
a) Sevice Tax of 10.2% of total Brokerage (Looks Ok)
b) Stamp Duty of 0.002% on Total Turnover (Looks Ok)
c) Turnover Tax of 0.018% on Total Turnover ??? (I dont know what is this)
d) Transaction Tax of 0.01% on Total Turnover??? (comes close to STT ie .02% on Sell leg)

Are you trading shares in physical form ?? Because stamp duty is normally charged for those.
I trade through HDFC and I am charged the following :
(a). Service [email protected]% of total Brokerage
(b). STT @ 0.1% of the total Deliverable Value
The other two you mentioned are not charged.Please check again with your broker. I suggest you call up HDFC Securities in your town and ask them about charges.

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